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People's Motivational Company


Motivational Packs

Surprise your staff!
Care Pack
Appreciation Pack
Celebrate special events with your employees

Oftentimes, a little show of appreciation can go a long way to lift up one's spirits. 

Surprise your employees with a personalised care pack during special occasions such as birthdays or christmas. 

What better way to show them that they matter!

Feel Good Pack
Motivate your employees as they work from home

We understand the difficulty of keeping in touch with your employees that are working from home. 

​Thus our care package was created to help you connect with your employees through our customised care packs! 

Imagine their surprise when they realise their company has gone the extra mile to care for them!

Why us?

Do you find it time consuming to put together a welfare pack while keeping it personal and relevant to your company? 


No worries, we will settle it all for you based on your needs and demographics of your employees.

Additionally, to keep up with the spirit of positivity, we will include uplifting messages that will push them through these trying times. 

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